Mansukh Patel is a scientist, Ayurvedic physician, entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, and peacemaker. His tireless efforts as a humanitarian and work for peace have been recognised by numerous organisations and he is the recipient of the Howard Thurman Ecumenical Award.

From back pain relief programs to raw food products to Ayurveda training programs and online yoga & meditation teaching websites, best-selling books and DVD’s, Mansukh draws on all aspects of his professional training and experience, driven by a passion and desire to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of the people of this beautiful world.

“Life is just about waking up, and deciding that your life matters. You matter. Your happiness matters.  The person next to you matters. This is my mission. Once there is peace in the hearts of people, there will be peace in the World.”

Mansukh has empowered 1000’s of people around the world to truly discover their inner potential and live a fulfilling life. His mission to impact the lives of people all over the world has seen him recognised as an authority on the integration of eastern and western spiritual concepts, as the subject of over 40 documentaries on the Bhagavad Gita and the life of Christ –  screened in Dutch cinemas.

The Peacemaker

Much of Mansukh’s motivation for his work stems from his childhood. Born in Kenya in 1955 to Indian Parents, Mansukh lived his early childhood in a disrupted environment amongst the Mau Mau uprising. His own father was kidnapped by the Mau Mau. This innately motivated him to commit his life to making an active effort to promote and contribute to human welfare, and World Peace.

Gifted with an innate ability to inspire people to work together for the common good of the world, Mansukh has initiated International projects that have resulted in the delivery of tonnes food and clothing and emergency aid to countries such as Bosnia, Croatia & Russia. Mansukh spent many years working within war zones and has worked with the UNHCR, Red Cross & Medical centre for human rights, delivering detraumatization training in Russia, Africa & Bangladesh.

The Scientist & Health Strategist

Mansukh gained his doctorate in the field of cancer toxicology. His training as a scientist has moulded his direction as an entrepreneur in the field of health education. He believes in prevention of disease through intelligent lifestyle, emotional management and ensuring a deep enjoyment of life! With a deep understanding of both eastern and western medical approaches, and an ability to see the potential for integration, Mansukh created, with his university collegues,  an International Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda teacher training academy, with hundreds of products that support this fundmental approach to health & wellbeing.

The UK training school, of which he is one of the founding members, was recently voted one of Europe’s top 5 Meditation training / retreat destinations by National Geographic Travel. The related online yoga education website was voted one of the “Top 10 best yoga sites on the planet” by Om Yoga Magazine.

The Author

A prolific writer, Mansukh has penned 12 books, one of which is a European best seller. Commited to leaving a legacy empowers people to live a fullfilled life, Mansukh believes in the power of the written word to transform and heal. Mansukh has written and produced numerous audio and visual products that change lives every single day. For more information on Mansukh’s books & products click here.

The Father, Grandfather and Husband

Brought up with strong family values, Mansukh’s success and happiness is largely due to his solid family background and support. Mansukh and his wife Radhika live in a cottage in North Wales surrounded by sheep and mountain climbers! They have 3 children, Arjuna, Krishna & Radha, & 1 Grandchild, Ollie, who hopes to climb his first mountain one day very soon.