I have been fortunate to have grown up in an environment in which self-belief was a given.

Having been born in the Rift valley in Kenia I spent a lot of time during my childhood amidst the Masai people. These people exuded an innate power and strength. They instinctively knew who they were and what they were here on the beautiful earth to do.

They showed no hesitation, self-doubt, or insecurity. Rooted like trees into their existence, their bodies, posture, and bearing, all reflected their inner certainty.

They did not need to learn to believe in themselves.

Contrast that with the majority of the people I encounter on my travels around the world.

Ever since moving to Europe in my early teens I have often wondered what happened to countless people who have been robbed of their sense of inner power and self-confidence.

For whatever reason, a lack of true self-belief is an epidemic afflicting people practically everywhere I go.

I have become passionate about restoring people to a sense of inner purpose and belonging. It is crucial we change the way we think about ourselves.

There is simply no need for hesitation, self-doubt, or insecurity.

I like to point people to a few universal principles that need to be understood so that we uncover something that is inherently ours – the knowledge and experience that we are perfect, whole and complete.

We can all live from a place of confidence and self-empowerment. You too!

Begin with understanding and feeling that there’s no else to be and no-one better than you. You are just as you are meant to be!

Next, appreciate that your life is exactly what you make of it and that each and every one of us has all the inherent potential to make our lives experiences work for us and not against us.

You are part of this universe and everything that is within it. Every interaction on your part whether it is a physical action, a mental thought, or emotional feeling will alter and affect everybody and everything around you.

You are a living being capable of altering and affecting everything around you. Take time to reflect on this and try to realize the significance of this incredible principle and natural law.

A beautiful affirmation to use that helps you embody this understanding is, “I am responsible for all that happens in me and around me.”

For the next days and weeks to come repeat these words several times a day.

This affirmation will open the doorway to the universal power which enables each one of us to be able to smile and to lead a successful and joyful life.