I love the challenge of infusing each day with grace and nobility so that I bring a sacred dignity to my existence and that of others.

To make each day a success I’m relentless with myself. I prime my mind such that it doesn’t get away with anything. I take great care with how I organize myself, what I spend time on, and with whom I surround myself.

As I awake in the morning I embrace each day as an invitation to reinvent myself and elevate how I express my purpose in this life.

I know exactly what I want to achieve that day and who’s lives I need to engage with and how to help people rise to their next level of being.

This requires me to show up at my very best every single day of my life.

Through my dad’s guidance I realized early on that lasting success has a structure and that it requires an impeccable design in how we approach life.

Even though the passing of time brings with it relentless change that is reflected in ever changing cultures and societies through the ages, the hearts and mind of people are still governed by the same ageless laws of the universe.

The sages and seers of old have documented their profound insight in what it means to be human and how to be successful in the world. They laid out roadmaps to help us understand and work in harmony with the forces that govern life.

In their ancient scriptures I find a lot of my inspiration when I design my days.

There are four powers mentioned in these scriptures which I would like to share with you. Because, when you align with them they bring about nobility in character and success in every area of your life.

These four powers are known as the “four noble truths”.

I invite you to immerse yourself in exploring them and become so intimately attuned to them that they become second nature to you.


The first power is known as Artha in Sanskrit. It stands for your connection with the material world and represents the power to respect and share resources.

Realize that this is an actual power – one that needs to be cultivated and kept fresh and alive. As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

Once you learn how to engage with the material world with reverence and respect and it becomes second nature for you to share resources you’ll find your world becomes filled with a sense of abundance and wonder.


The second power Kama represents emotional maturity. It’s the power to manage your emotions and to use them as a drive to create positive change.

This is the power that when tapped into allows you to respond to circumstances, people, and the demands of the world with deliberate intent steeped in wisdom and proper discernment.

This power when awakened is a doorway to experience more joy more of the time as your presence becomes more and more a blessing to the people around you.


The third power Dharma is your sense of purpose. It’s the power to fully love and live your dharma – the highest expression of who you’re meant to be, thus allowing others to live theirs.

Get to know your Dharma, align your heart and mind with it, and every day get better and better at expressing it.

When you live your life according to your dharma you experience a profound sense of fulfillment.


The fourth power Moksha is the grace of liberation. It’s the power to be truly centred and to realise the privilege of being human.

It’s the power of knowing, embracing, and embodying who you really are – and with it experience ultimate freedom.

As you align your powers and express them each day an elegance will begin to express itself through you. Magic comes into your life.

Therefore I make sure I integrate these 4 powers into my daily design – as I know from experience that these four golden seeds come from the depths of our being and guide us in living an harmonious, successful and indeed elegant life.

Why don’t you give them a try?

Whether it means downsizing your possessions, or practising more meditation, meeting with your mentors regularly, keeping a gratitude journal, or … whatever it is, create a formula that brings out the best in you!

And as my dad taught me, a really magnificent and intelligent plan always includes other people.

Dedicating these four powers to the benefit of others is the secret ingredient that will allow their ultimate potential to blossom.

Go for it!